Monday, January 3, 2011

Sometimes Your "Unusual" is Someone Else's Normal

It's been a while since I've checked in. I thought my followers like to hear something from me...all five of you...

So I didn't win NaNoWrimo. But that's okay, because I believe I grew at least a little from the experience. I may post my favorite excerpt at a later time.

I'm all moved in to my apartment. Or...well, sort of. I haven't been spending a whole lot of time there because of break. I've been spending a lot of time in my home town with my family and friends. But my stuff is moved in, and I've spent maybe a week there total. I've still got some decorating and organizing I want to get done to make it feel more like home. But I'm already catching myself calling it "home". I'm a lot more comfortable with this change than I expected to be.

But I miss my friends from school so extremely much. I'm flying down to Florida -- where two of them live -- tomorrow to visit for a few days before school starts back. I'm so excited ^_^ and a little nervous. I've never been on an airplane before : / and I'm doing it all by myself. *gulp* I've watched my friends so this several times though. It can't be that difficult...right?

I got a pet rat ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ his name is Allister. I've left him at a friends for the week while I'm in Florida. I just left him 4 hours ago and I already miss him extremely. I've gotten attached rather quickly. Now before you freak out too much, they are highly intelligent (you can pretty much train them to do anything that you can train a dog to do), very clean (Allister cleans himself every 20 minutes, no exaggeration), and they make great pets. Not to mention the fact that he's FREAKIN' ADORABLE! He'll be great company while I'm all alone in my new apartment. You can teach them their name, and to come when they're called, to walk on a leash, stand, sit, lay down, play dead, etc, etc. And they make great companions. They need a lot of attention and prefer to be out and about than locked up in their cage. They are very affection towards their owners and love to cuddle up in your pocket or hood or even just in your lap. I'll post pictures of him later =)

Got any weird pets? Or are there any unusual pets that you would like to have? Is there anything unusual about one of your "normal" pets?