Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's Never Felt So...Right

So, i did it! :)

I survived a week straight with my parents. We went to the beach. Yea, 12 hour drive with my parents...not so much. But it ended up not being as bad as I expected, and the beach itself was completely worth what few bad times there were.

Plus, I learned some things about myself. Or, I guess you can say they're about me.

Remember me saying before that I wasn't sure if I ever will find someone, settle down, start a family, etc, etc.? Well...I'm still not sure. And I'm completely okay with that. But I did learn a few things about what I would like in a relationship if the opportunity ever came along. (Is it bad that I learn what I want in a relationship based on what I don't like about my parents'...)

1~ I want a guy who's got some adventure. I love trying new things, and my mom used to be the same way. But my dad never has liked the whole "out with old, in with the new" idea. And over the years she's changed because of it. Even when I finally talked her into trying something new, she was so nervous that all she kept saying the 3 days leading up to it was "I don't know about this," "this is stupid," "this is dangerous," "i shouldn't do this,". She used to be all about adventure, and trying something a little dangerous. I don't ever want to lose my adventure like she did. Especially not because of someone else. I want to enjoy new experiences with the guy I love, not leave him sitting in the room while I go off and do it on my own.

2~ He can't be afraid of water, he's gotta love it as much as I do. I love being out on the water, whether it be the wide open ocean, a lake, or simply a pool -- he's gotta be willing to jump right in. My dad can't swim, and refuses to go anywhere near water, and because of that he missed out on all the fun. I felt bad leaving him behind, but I wasn't about to let him keep me from enjoying it. I don't ever want to have to be like that with my significant other.

3~ He can't be addicted to work. He needs to want to get away from work for awhile and at the end of the vacation never want to leave. I mean, I want him to enjoy his work. But I don't want him sitting around while we're on vacation waiting for it to be over so he can get back to his job. It's kind of a bummer.

3~ He has to love road trips. He has to be okay with just jumping in the car and driving away. Hours and hours on the road. No destination, just...going. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

4~ We have to be able to talk forever and never run out of things to say. But also be perfectly comfortable being together in silence. My parents aren't so good at either of these.

5~ I could live on the beach for the rest of my life. Usually a week in one place and I get bored but I was never once ready to leave that place. We went jet skiing our third day there and we road through some of the channels. In one area, there were these b-e-a-u-tiful, absolutely gorgeous houses lined up along the water. They had these long docks that lead straight down to the water. There was this one old, stone house. I actually stopped my jet ski right in front of it just to stare at it. All i could think when I looked at it was, "Yea, I could live there. I could stay in that house for the rest of my life." It had the most awe inspiring view where it was sitting. I wanted it. In that moment, more than anything, I wanted that house. I wanted that life.

I started the ski back up and continued, but I was still thinking about that place. I've never felt so sure about a specific place in my life. It was just...right. At one point I even thought to myself, "I'm transferring schools after this coming year would be so easy to find one near the beach. Get a place of my own somewhere." I knew it was a stupid idea...but it was all I could think about the rest of the week. All I wanted to do was go back to that house. That's still all I wanna do...

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